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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Curve 8900 Theme: Weather Today

This theme is very closely based on my Weather Today for Bold, but I have addded a few changes and improvements.

If you like this theme be sure to also check out Weather Plus

The icon in the top right will be whatever application you have as the first item on your main application list. I intended that you use it for your weather app, but of course you can use it for whatever application you want. As you can see in the screenshots your weather app will show on your lockscreen as well.

As I did in many of my other themes I used my own custom Battery and Signal meters. They are the blue bars across the very top of the screen. The left half is Battery, right half is Signal. Each little section is 10%.

Here are some screenshots, click on them to see them full size.


  1. harmony jonesMarch 20, 2009

    i get the browser icon on the top right not the weather... pls help!

  2. Harmony, as mentioned above the top right icon will be whatever you have as your first icon in your application list. So simply move your weather app to the first spot (top left) and you will be good to go.

  3. good evening, will these themes work on the 8310 curve


  4. Dylan,

    This is an amazing theme concept. You inspired me to try theme development on my own.
    What I wanted was a custom theme with all the default Precision Zen Icons and The "Today" placement of Messages and Calender. W/ your application placement for a weather icon (which I think is genius).

    I downloaded plazmic theme builder 4.7, and built exactly what I wanted.

    I installed it on my 8900 and it was a thing of beauty. Until I rebooted it and it crashed.

    Not only crashed but corrupted the OS; deleting icons and applications and popping java errors.

    I spent 2-3 days trying and trying to make it work but no dice.

    Have you heard of this before?

    Any idea what might be causing it?

    I'm so frustrated.



  6. **UPDATE**
    With a fresh install of plazmic I was able to create the theme I wanted w/o any problems (so far.)


    How on earth were you able to add an app icon to the lock screen?


  7. it would be great if you could change the background of the menus. sometimes the white font is hard to see on a light background.

  8. This is by far the best theme for this phone ever. The only downside is the highlight/font colors. For example, you can't see the text when you search in GoogleMaps. I will highly consider donating if you'd be able to update this (possibly with the official version of Plasmic) with better font/highlight colors!

    Thanks again Dylan! You rock, keep up the good work!

  9. AnonymousJuly 19, 2009

    I´m having a problem installing the themes. After installing em over the desktop software they don´t show up in my themes menu. Have tried everything ... any ideas anyone??? THX!

  10. João Luís CamposJuly 22, 2009


    The theme is great but after install it, the message "uncaught exception: java. lang.nullpointer exception" appears and some icons/functions are missing.

    How can i solve it ? I had to wipe the 8900 and unnistal the theme...

  11. I have had this theme on my 8900 for the past two day and love it. it looks great! the only thing that i have noticed was that it drains the battery big time is this normal?

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