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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Curve 8900 Theme: Deluxe Today

I threw this theme together mostly with parts from my Bold themes, so most of it has been used before, but still it is not a direct copy of any of my Bold themes (In fact I really like the way it turned out and I may just make a copy of this for my own Bold).

A note on the meters: The blue doted lines across the top are your Battery and Signal meters. Battery is the left half and Signal is the right half. Each little section on the meter bar is 10%.

Here is a few screenshots. Click on the preview to see the picture full size.


  1. Great theme! Definitely a keeper.

  2. I love the theme. Georgeous icons. One problem is the white font in Facebbok. You can,t see what you type.

  3. does this theme work for my 8820?

  4. I really like this theme on eproblem is that I couldnt get it to work or transfer it to my 8900. I downloaded it and then unzipped it with the extract wizard. having problems someone help me

  5. ^Did you follow the theme installation instructions in the bottom left of this page?

    What is the problem you are having?

  6. I quite like this theme. A few "it would be nice" comments ;) :
    1) Some indication on the power meter if it is charging
    2) Some delineation between the power meter and signal strength
    3) Some indication on the home screen of what network you are on (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, or UMA)

  7. I love the graphic changes this makes over the weather today theme. The icons are awesome.
    I would love to see this theme combined with the weather on the home screen.
    Also, 2 questions
    1. I've seen the bars across the top in red. What does that mean?
    2. Is it possible to show wifi signal strength across the top? Right now it only shows the mobile signal strength.

    I would also love to see the icons across the bottom be docked so you could have more real estate on the home screen. With that you could add a few lines for calendar or messages. The Dimension today plus theme I used in the past (on my 8100) had the icons docked (hidden until you scrolled over them) at the bottom. It was great.

    Thanks for the great themes. I Iove them.

  8. AnonymousMay 07, 2009

    Great Theme!

    Question: For the calender items appearing on the home screen. It shows the next 4 calender appts regardless of date. Anyway to change so that it only show meeting upcoming for the next 3 days only?

  9. How can I replace the "Messages" icon with the
    "SMS and MMS" icon in Deluxe Today theme and the Basic Today theme?

  10. Where's the phone log...? Gotta be there someplace!

  11. is there a way to change the calendar on the home page to list the upcoming appts by time? i just downloaded this theme and it only shows certain dates...but none of my appts are showing up.

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